Russian production of led equipment
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In recent years, new types of light sources have been used in the lighting market for industrial and warehouse facilities, modern technologies and materials have been used for the manufacture of lighting devices. Journalists of the United Industrial Portal of Siberia asked experts what the choice of a particular lighting system depends on, what modern types of light sources exist and how the norms and trends for such equipment have changed.
Systematization of lighting equipment

«The classification of luminaires for industrial and warehouse facilities depends on many characteristics, but the most important are: the level of protection against dust and moisture (IP) - IP67; color temperature (a comfortable indicator for the eyes - 3000-4000 K); color rendering index (CRI). To exclude negative impacts, the CRI index for industrial luminaires must be at least 80,» says Anatoly Sharapov, head of the development department at Tekhnologiya Sveta LLC (RADUGA).
Let there be light!
Let there be light!
Selection of lamps

«The choice depends on the labor activity carried out on the territory of the premises and on the illuminated area (the norm varies from 5 to 50 lux). To illuminate large areas, lighting devices are placed on high vertical supports. For more compact areas, the luminaires are placed on a special cable suspended above the room.
Correct selection requires a thorough audit of the object. After that, the design takes place, which includes visualization in order to take into account all the technical details at the preparation stage, and then they send requests to manufacturing companies» – says Anatoly Sharapov.

As Oleg Prokhorov explains, work with light at enterprises is strictly regulated: in standards, codes of practice, other regulatory documents, details of design, installation, maintenance of lamps are indicated. Currently, the following documents are required for the correct selection of lighting equipment:
SP52.13330.2011 (updated edition of SNiP 23-05-95) - a set of rules «Natural and artificial lighting»;
SP sanitary and epidemiological rules «Hygienic requirements for the design of newly constructed and reconstructed industrial enterprises»;
MGSN 2.06-99 «Moscow city building codes. Natural, artificial and combined lighting»;
PUE «Rules for Electrical Installations»;
GOST 15597-82 «Luminaires for industrial buildings. General technical conditions»; industry standards.
According to Anatoly Sharapov, the main sanitary standards for lighting workshops of industrial enterprises are given in legislative documents, in particular, in SP 52.13330.2016 - a set of rules describing the basic requirements for lighting various objects, as well as VSN 196-83 - «Industry standards for the design of artificial lighting workshops of industrial enterprises».
This type of equipment is also required to have a long service life without loss of brightness, since fixtures are installed and dismantled at high heights and the procedure costs a tidy sum. These parameters directly depend on the ratio of the number of diodes to the power of the device - the more there are, the less load each of them carries, which means that it works longer.
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