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  • RADUGA: idea and design

Idea development

After setting the task «to design a lamp», first of all, an industrial designer begins to think about the functionality of the future equipment - what kind of lamp it is, what it is needed for, what its main properties are, in which areas it will be used, etc. The designer, at different moments of his design, gets used to, as it were, different roles. You have to ask a lot of questions. To work out the idea, redo it a hundred times – but here you also need to know when to stop and come to the final decision. At the first steps, a sketch is made – by hand or a rough 3D model – of the future lamp. You can create many different sketches, depending on what areas the company wants to occupy now. For RADUGA, these are architectural and artistic lighting and industrial lighting. I take into account all the needs of the company when creating a design. All the necessary technical parameters, components that determine the size of the case and the power of the product are important to me. And the design also depends on the size and power. Then a design model is created. It is specified, worked out and subsequently given to the designer. And then, preferably without any significant changes on the part of the designer, it goes to our production. If it is impossible to do without interfering with the design, then I either modify it to an ideal suitable look myself, or together with the designer we decide how best to proceed. Ideally, the design should be as thoughtful as possible so that it won't be affected by adjustments.
RADUGA: idea and design
RADUGA: idea and design

Design and functionality

An industrial designer should have a fairly broad outlook in terms of the use of things - how they might look and for what purposes they are needed. In our case, this is a lamp. Its design can be approached from different angles. You can look at the environment in which this lamp is most often used, how a person interacts with it. This also determines how the product will look. When we at RADUGA create equipment design, we strive to ensure that everyone, down to the installer, understands that they have a well-made thing in their hands, it is convenient to work with it, it looks great. At all stages, people need to see that they are working on a great product, first class. In the lighting market, as in any project market, when you lay down some solutions at the project stage, it is very important to stand out from your competitors. It is important that you cannot be easily replaced during the implementation phase. Moreover, the modern market is looking for budget options as well. And if you know how to fit into the desired budget and offer interesting solutions, this is always good. At RADUGA we strive to be different from others. Of course for the better, not only in appearance, but also in technical terms. We strive to combine quality with harmony and proportion, so that our lamps are irreplaceable.