Pegs CLS

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Range of temperatures

-45 °С ... +55 °С


300, 600, 1000 мм

CLS pegs are specially designed to mount architectural floodlights. The shape of the tip makes it easy to place the peg in any desired location with the ability to move and reuse. This product is specially designed for the installation of Astra, Signum and Stella LED floodlights.

The restraining plate maintains the same base depth for all installed pegs on the site. The fixture is provided for the luminaire with the possibility of adjustment, which allows you to select the correct angle for solving lighting problems. The diameter of this equipment is 40 mm, it is available in lengths from 200 mm to 1000 mm, which makes it possible to solve all the variety of architectural lighting tasks. Individual development of this equipment is also available.


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    Looking for luminaires to illuminate an object?