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Technical details


Wall mounted

Power consumption

12 W

Supply voltage

24-48 DC, 230V АC

Luminous efficiency

(±10 lm/W) - 60 lm/W RGB; 110 lm/W - static

Range of temperatures

-45 °С ... +55 °С


1000×33×42 mm


0,71 kg

Control system


Case material

Al anodized + polycarbonate

Number and type of LEDs


Glow color

3000К-6000К, RGBW

Protection Marking



Photometric data RAD-T-Cu-12.zip

Passport Solis 12.pdf


Solis 3D.7z

Solis-12 is an ergonomic linear profile for creating contour lighting.
Solis luminaires are specially designed for contour lighting of buildings and structures.
Solis-12 is a bright, powerful luminaire made in an industrial style with a high luminous efficacy of 60 lm/W – RGB and 110 lm/W – static. The luminaire provides uniform illumination around the entire perimeter of the building.
The glow temperature from 3000K to 6000K is selected depending on the tasks of the lighting project. Small dimensions of the product allow you to create original light combinations in the form of straight lines or various geometric shapes.
The luminaire body is made of durable anodized aluminum, the optical part is protected by a shock-resistant polycarbonate lens. Due to the degree of protection IP65, the linear luminaire is reliably protected from dust and moisture particles.
Linear luminaire Solis-12 is characterized by high luminous efficiency, which makes it possible to use luminaires for architectural and artistic lighting.


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