Tetra Duo

Architectural bi-directional spotlight

Tetra Duo is a powerful bi-directional LED spotlight designed for general and accent lighting.
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The spotlight has a degree of protection IP67, thanks to which the luminaire is reliably protected from the penetration of dust particles and moisture. The temperature range (from –45 ° C to +55 ° C) allows the luminaire to work in all climatic conditions.

Tetra is a bright, powerful, industrial style spotlight with a high luminous efficiency of 60 lm/W – RGB and 110 lm/W – static. Even with minimal energy consumption, high brightness is provided. The equipment uses lenses from Ledil, Ledlink, Ilenstech, which allows to direct light at a large number of angles: from 3 ° to 7 * 65 ° for better illumination of an architectural object or interior elements.


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    Looking for luminaires to illuminate an object?