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Ground Luminaires

Catalog of ground LED luminaires by RADUGA™, a Russian manufacturing company "Technology of Light"

Ground Luminaires


The production company «Technology of light» provides all lighting products for test operation at your facility for up to 1 month. This approach allows you to make sure of the quality of our products and the correctness of your choice.

Russian-made ground LED luminaires

RADUGA ground luminaires are highly sought-after in architectural and artistic lighting of public spaces due to their exceptional durability and resistance to wear. The well-thought-out design and corrosion-resistant materials of the luminaires' housings, whether embedded in the ground or installed on paved surfaces, provide reliable protection against moisture and exposure to aggressive environments. The equipment is designed to operate in diverse climatic conditions, including permafrost or extreme heat. These luminaires can fulfill a wide range of tasks, from broad floodlighting to precise accent lighting.
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