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RADUGA™ equipment comes with a warranty of up to 6 years. The warranty covers the luminaires, including their housing, optical and electrical components, and mounting elements. Warranty repairs are carried out within 60 calendar days from the establishment of a warranty case.


In case warranty repairs are not possible, the equipment will be replaced with a new one that is technically and visually similar. Claims should be submitted using the form provided in the contract.

What the warranty covers

Warranty defects include:

  • liquid entering the luminaire housing after installation, provided that protective glass is used to protect the LED module;
  • failure of the luminaire to light up when switched on;
  • сritical reduction in brightness;

The warranty applies to RADUGA luminaires as a whole, including their housing, optical and electrical components, and mounting elements. The equipment will be replaced free of charge throughout the entire warranty period.

What the warranty does not cover

The following cases are not covered by the warranty:

  • violation of operating conditions;
  • external impacts on the equipment such as impacts, excessive pressure, falls, etc., resulting in mechanical damage such as chips, numerous scratches, dents, cracks, etc.;
  • disassembly of the luminaires by the customer.

Claims and Complaints

  • 01.

    When dealing with complaints, Tehnology of light company guarantees the following to its customers:

    • timely consideration of the claim;
    • full information support;
    • fast and high-quality expert examination;
    • meeting the requirements stated in the claim when the quality violation is confirmed;
    • a complete and comprehensive response from the manufacturer regarding the claim.
  • 02.

    Submitting a Claim

    To submit a claim, the customer needs to send scanned copies of the claim documents to the email address.

  • 03.


    Upon receiving a complaint, Tehnology of light company sends an acknowledgment letter within 2 working days, informing the customer about the receipt of the documents and providing a registration number for the claim. If the package of documents meets the requirements of the claim policy, the claims process is initiated. If the package of documents does not meet the requirements, the customer is notified about the necessary revisions.

Types of сlaims

  • 01.

    Claims regarding quantity

    If the customer reports an underdelivery/overdelivery of goods, Tehnology of light company conducts an internal inventory check within 10 working days from the registration of the claim to identify any violations in the delivery of goods. After the inventory check, an official response is prepared and sent to the customer.

    If a shortage/excess of goods is confirmed as a result of the inventory check, Tehnology of light company arranges for the delivery/removal of the necessary quantity of goods within the time frame determined by the supplier from the date of completion of the inventory check.

  • Claims regarding quantity


  • 02.

    Claims regarding quality (at the time of acceptance)

    If the customer's claim is related to the unsatisfactory quality of the goods, and the attached package of documents and photo materials confirm this fact, a letter is sent to the customer requesting the return of the goods to the manufacturer's warehouse for examination and registration.

    The customer is responsible for arranging and covering the cost of delivering the goods to the warehouse of Tehnology of light company.

  • Claims regarding quality (at the time of acceptance)


  • 03.

    Warranty Claims

    Claims regarding products with defects that occurred after acceptance (manufacturing defects) are filed within the warranty period of the product (specified in the product's passport).

  • Warranty Claims


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