Russian production of led equipment


  • Submission of complaints

    Submission of complaints (claims) under the product warranty is carried out within the warranty period specified in the passport of the finished product. Complaints are submitted to the manufacturer in accordance with the form specified in the contract.

  • Unconditional Warranty Terms

    Unconditional warranty for standard products up to 6 years, assembly takes place on premium quality components.

  • Free hardware replacement

    During the entire warranty period, regardless of the cause of the breakdown.

  • Products

    Warranty obligations apply to: luminaires in general, their housings, optical elements, ballasts, igniters and other electrical components, fastening elements, installation and connection of luminaires to the electrical network.

    The warranty does not cover lamps and other light sources, as well as starters for fluorescent lamps.

«RADUGA - Technology of Light» expresses its deep appreciation for your choice and warrants that all LED lighting fixtures meet their published specifications at the time of sale and are free from defects in materials and workmanship. We are confident that the purchased product will satisfy all your requests. This warranty is valid for the specified warranty period from the date the product is invoiced by the end user.