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Landscape Lighting

RADUGA, a Russian brand from Technology of Light, offers luminaires for illuminating pathways, parks, and alleys

Landscape Lighting
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The production company «Technology of light» provides all lighting products for test operation at your facility for up to 1 month. This approach allows you to make sure of the quality of our products and the correctness of your choice.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting serves two main purposes: providing safe movement across the area (functional lighting) and creating a special atmosphere, highlighting specific elements of the exhibition or architectural details (decorative lighting).

Installing modern lighting fixtures in gardens and parks not only serves a functional purpose but also allows for the realization of unique design ideas, giving the landscape a special character. Park lighting significantly contributes to addressing nighttime security concerns and positively influences the visitation of recreational areas.

The range of RADUGA luminaires for landscape lighting stands out with a variety of shapes and designs that reflect contemporary trends in industrial design, emphasizing the uniqueness of any space. All equipment meets requirements for reliability, vandal resistance, and climate resistance.
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