Russian production of led equipment


ТР ТС 020/2011


ТР ТС 004/2011


EN 55015:2013


EN 61000-3-2:2014


EN 61000-3-3:2013


EN 61547:2009


Our own production complex allows us to create unique equipment for projects of any complexity

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How did RADUGA enter the industrial lighting market?

Working in the field of architectural and artistic lighting, we regularly received requests to participate in projects with industrial lighting. Customers were very often interested in whether we manufacture such products. And one day the question arose: why not? The industrial lighting market is a huge potential for the company, both in terms of the scale of work and complex interesting projects. Even if we take into account only Russia, then this is a huge number of potential objects. And the question was resolved by itself. An urgent task arose - to develop and bring into series a universal industrial luminaire, which was done in the shortest possible time.



Achivements & awards

  • InterLight 2018

  • 1st place in the "Electric Advertising 2023" competition

  • 2nd place in the "Electric Advertising 2023" competition

Speed and guarantee

Production and delivery time – from 10 days. Equipment warranty – up to 6 years.


We have counted 220 projects since 2014, and this is just the beginning.

More than half a million

We have sold so many pieces of equipment in 6 years.

From -55 °С till +55 °С

Our equipment can withstand such temperature drops. Works reliably in the harshest conditions.


We employ dozens of professionals who solve the most difficult problems.

Test operation

Free test operation of equipment – test your equipment before purchasing.

Own production and service in Russia

We produce exclusive high quality equipment that has no analogues.

Visualization, installation supervision and technical support

These are also our strengths.


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Production of lighting equipment by Technology of Light

Well-established manufacturing processes, reliable components from global manufacturers, and constant quality control ensure the reliability of the equipment bearing the RADUGA brand. The company is actively developing to minimize dependence on suppliers, reduce production lead times, and continually improve product quality. Over the past two years, our production and warehouse facilities have been expanded using profits, an SMT assembly line has been procured, metalworking machines have been acquired, and a casting workshop is being launched. We also have our own laboratory where photometric, electrical, mechanical, and colorimetric tests will be conducted. The enterprise adheres to the ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.
The RADUGA™ range of luminaires offers a wide variety of functional and design solutions. The company's team of industrial designers develops lighting fixtures in compliance with modern safety standards, energy efficiency requirements, and global trends in product design. All equipment undergoes laboratory testing for photometric, electrical, mechanical, and colorimetric characteristics based on project requirements. RADUGA™ Lighting Technology: • Designed to withstand increased climatic loads (wind, temperature variations, icing), vibrations, and environmental influences. • Provides convenient installation and requires minimal maintenance, making it suitable for use in the most hard-to-reach areas. • Offers a wide selection of designs, shapes, secondary optics, and mounting options. • Features contemporary designs that harmoniously blend with both historical and modern architecture.