Russian production of led equipment

Frequenly asked questions

We have collected frequently asked questions about lighting equipment and building lighting.

We want to buy lamps from you, but my manager asks how much is the guarantee?
We are glad that we have chosen our company. Hardware warranty up to 6 years.
We are located in Khabarovsk. Can you arrange the delivery of the lamps for us?
Certainly! The geography of facilities operating on RADUGA equipment includes dozens of cities. We will make delivery to any city.
We opted for Raduga lamps. Can I test the equipment before buying?
Of course, read about test exploitation.
Is it possible to get an electrical calculation using your luminaires?
Yes, the terms are negotiated individually.
Why do your fixtures use 24V?
24V is the safest option for architectural and artistic lighting. In addition, this option looks more aesthetically pleasing by placing the power supply separately from the luminaires.
Where can you see your equipment?
Our equipment operates at dozens of facilities in more than 30 Russian cities. For examples of projects implemented on RADUGA equipment, see the Project section.

What is your reject rate?
About of 1%. Yes, it may seem incredible, but we have our own quality control system.
Is it possible to purchase lamps without the RADUGA logo?
Yes, there is such an opportunity.
How are luminaires replaced in case of malfunction?
We will provide a replacement for the defective lamp within 72 hours. Then we will conduct an examination to understand what is the cause of the malfunction. And we will find the best solution to the issue for your project.
Why do you recommend Mean Well power supplies?
Based on our personal research and repeated testing, RADUGA's technical department considers Mean Well power supplies to be the best product on the market.
Do you have any certificates of conformity?
Our equipment is not subject to mandatory certification. RADUGA can provide a Declaration of Conformity to the technical regulations of the Customs Union.
Are you doing a lighting calculation?
Yes, at the request of the customer, we can perform lighting calculations in DIALux.
How does project protection work?
To obtain detailed information on the protection of the project, you must send an application to

We have clients. We plan to sell your equipment in our region. How to start?
You can become a dealer of the production company "RADUGA - Technology of Light". You can see all the benefits of cooperation and feedback from our partners on the Cooperation page.