Russian production of led equipment



The goal of our team is to make this world brighter using our high-quality design equipment!


Objects were realized on our equipment in Russia and the CIS

56 846

Fixtures sold in 8 years

6 years

Warranty for the equipment we manufacture

The RADUGA brand appeared in 2014
in response to the growing need for quality domestically produced professional lighting equipment.

10 days

Production time of our equipment


Cities where objects with our equipment are implemented


RADUGA TM was founded

We develop and manufacture high quality LED equipment according to the customer's specifications.
Development of lighting devices taking into account modern safety standards, energy efficiency and global trends in the field of product design

Our own production complex allows us to create unique equipment for projects of any complexity

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In the production of luminaries we use only high-quality components from the best manufacturers


In our production we use powerful LEDs from the world's largest manufacturers Samsung and Cree. They provide high brightness with minimal energy consumption.


The construction uses a cable with rubber UV-resistant insulation (not PVC), which retains its properties when the temperature drops. At the request of the Customer, it can be completed with a connector.


The body of the model is made of durable and lightweight aluminum.


The luminaire uses stainless steel fasteners (bolts, screws, washers, etc.).


Lenses from leading manufacturers Ledil, Ledlink, Ilenstech. The use of secondary optics allows to concentrate the luminous flux in a certain direction and make it more powerful.


The glass of the luminaire is glued in using aviation sealant, which ensures reliable fixation along the entire perimeter, and, therefore, one hundred percent protection from dust and moisture.

Strained glass

Mechanical strength, heat resistance and safety - upon impact, such glass breaks into small, but absolutely safe fragments, incapable of causing any damage to a person.


An individually designed and developed board for this model. We control the entire development and assembly process from A to Z.

Sealed lead-in

The sealed lead-in is made of stainless steel and reliably protects the cable from mechanical damage, from dust and moisture getting into the luminaire.

We manufacture equipment
for architectural, landscape
and industrial lighting

Why choose us

Speed and guarantee

Production and delivery time – from 10 days. Equipment warranty – up to 6 years.


We have counted 220 projects since 2014, and this is just the beginning.

More than half a million

We have sold so many pieces of equipment in 6 years.

From -55 °С till +55 °С

Our equipment can withstand such temperature drops. Works reliably in the harshest conditions.


We employ dozens of professionals who solve the most difficult problems.

Test operation

Free test operation of equipment – test your equipment before purchasing.

Own production and service in Russia

We produce exclusive high quality equipment that has no analogues.

Visualization, installation supervision and technical support

These are also our strengths.

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Light Technology is a Russian manufacturer of professional LED equipment of the RADUGA brand for architectural, artistic, industrial, street, landscape gardening and dynamic lighting

Technology of Light is a Russian manufacturer of professional LED equipment with a 6-year warranty and production time from 10 days. An innovative approach to production and constant quality control, talent of employees, responsibility to the consumer, daily communication with partners and customers ensure the consistently high quality of the RADUGA - Technology of Light models.