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Modern high-tech materials in accordance with GOST and TU requirements, manufacturing according to the project and customer's drawings.

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Select poles of the required design based on project requirements.

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The production company «Technology of light» provides all lighting products for test operation at your facility for up to 1 month. This approach allows you to make sure of the quality of our products and the correctness of your choice.

Manufacturing of metal poles

Technology of Light develops and implements reliable and durable solutions for various urban lighting and landscaping tasks. RADUGA™ street lighting poles are produced using modern and advanced materials in accordance with the requirements of GOST (State Standard) and TU (Technical Specifications), including customization based on project requirements and customer drawings.

Having our own manufacturing facilities allows us to conduct tests, experiment, and implement the latest innovations and technologies, ensuring high strength of metal structures and resistance to precipitation and wind loads. At the same time, we have the capability to promptly design and manufacture not only standard products but also individual items tailored to the project's specifications and customer drawings.
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