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Architectural and artistic lighting

 Architectural and artistic lighting
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The production company «Technology of light» provides all lighting products for test operation at your facility for up to 1 month. This approach allows you to make sure of the quality of our products and the correctness of your choice.

Architectural lighting

As Antoni Gaudi once said, architecture is the creation of order out of light. Like works of art, the beauty of architectural creations cannot be fully revealed without light. In darkness, they simply cease to exist. It is architectural lighting that shapes the space during nighttime. The light from facade luminaires not only reveals the architecture, but also allows us to rediscover its form, style, and plasticity, influencing the physiological and psychological perception of the viewer. A beautifully illuminated structure or landscape creates a special atmosphere that cannot be experienced during the daytime.

Architectural lighting defines the unique appearance of buildings, individual locations, and entire cities. Therefore, the perception of any object and its lasting impression in the observer's memory depend on the quality of lighting. Creating a memorable image, attracting attention, and elevating status are all accomplished through lighting.

The catalog of the domestic brand RADUGA™ includes a complete range of equipment for architectural lighting solutions. These are efficient solutions characterized by energy efficiency, safety, reliability, and modern design.

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