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LED equipment RADUGA manufactured in the Russian Federation

It is used to illuminate any objects - shopping and business centers, residential complexes, parks and monuments, TV towers, airports and railway stations, hotels, schools, temples, administrative buildings, industrial enterprises and adjacent territories, bridges and other objects

Linear LED profiles are a unique tool for organizing both main and secondary decorative lighting. Their unique construction gives us opportunity to organize a continuous linear light of any length, passing from one surface to another without installation of any connecting structures and fixtures.

The unique qualities and undeniable design advantages of LED technology determine the widespread use of linear LED profiles. A large amount of models with different size and power also encourages customers to use LED lights.

In comparison with energy saving fluorescent lamps linear LED downlights consume at least 3 times less electricity.

LED profiles have to be very high wear resistance, due to their low heat transfer, they can be installed on almost any surface, moreover you can chose different types of installation depending on the installation location.

Although linear profiles are widely used as decorative lighting, they can be used used for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

As an outdoor lighting element, linear diode profiles are widely used to illuminate advertising banners, underground or ground crossings and so on.

Such characteristics as long service life, ease of installation and operation, low sensitivity to moisture and temperature changes are very important when we use linear LED downlights in warehouses and industrial areas.

Linear LED downlights have taken their rightful place in the category of modern high-tech devices for organizing architectural lighting.

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    Looking for luminaires to illuminate an object?