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About Us

Company "Technology of light" - a Russian manufacturer of professional LED equipment under the RADUGA brand for architectural, industrial, outdoor, garden and dynamic lighting.


Operating since this year

6 years

Warranty on the equipment we produce

10 days

Production lead time for our equipment


Objects implemented with our equipment in Russia and the CIS


Cities where objects with our equipment are implemented


Units of equipment supplied in 8 years


Positions in the product range matrix

Company history

  • 2018

    First participation in the InterLight-2018 exhibition with our full catalog

    As a result of the exhibition, RADUGA receives the award for "Best Stand"! By this time, we already develop our own housings and boards and test the secondary optics and the chemical compounds. We check how RADUGA equipment behaves in extreme temperature conditions.

  • 2020

    Increase in production capacity

    The drop in oil prices and the rise in the dollar rate did not affect our development. Localizing production in Russia helped us fulfill our obligations to customers. Business and shopping centers became the center of our attention that are the most vulnerable segments of the market during an economic crisis.

  • 2016

    Expansion of the model range

    We added ground lighting, new spots, and spotlights to the product catalog. Additionally, we introduced pixel LED dynamic lighting.

  • 2015

    Formation of our own product line

    We form our own product line: low-power spotlights, linear luminaires, and spots. All models are assembled in a small assembly shop. Among the projects, objects with linear and accent lighting are more common.

  • 2014

    Creation of the RADUGA brand

    The market needs a reliable domestic manufacturer. A team of specialists comes together and creates the RADUGA brand. The company has only 7 employees, but it's just the beginning. We are inspired by the common idea of becoming the best not only in Russia but also beyond its borders.

  • 2019

    Development and production of industrial luminaires

    We started developing industrial luminaires: the TERMINATOR spotlight put into mass production. We participate in the InterLight-2019 exhibition with our stand again. The RADUGA team now counts over 70 people. We improve the product and service. We gather analytics and feedback from the customers. We expand the portfolio with new projects.

  • 2017

    Development of powerful 100W spotlights

    We expanded the range of pixels and added contour lighting. We actively work on creating the RADUGA catalog. It includes models that solve any tasks of architectural and artistic lighting.

  • 2021

    Expansion into the international market

    We expanded the range for landscape, main road, and garden lighting. We developed the RADUGA lighting control system. The built-in linear luminaire VÍA became the winner of the Golden Photon 2021 award in the "Product of the Year" category, and the architectural projector STELLA received an HONORABLE MENTION at the International Lighting Design Awards.

  • 2022

    Development of new directions

    We start exploring the market of indoor and sports lighting. We obtained the Conclusion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade confirming the production of RADUGA™ products in the territory of the Russian Federation. We participated in international exhibitions such as Saudi Elenex 2022 in Saudi Arabia and Project Qatar in Qatar. We became the general partner of the International Congress of the Union of Architects and the Architectural Festival "Zodchestvo 2022".


We invite you to cooperate

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RADUGA TM - Russian manufacturer of LED equipment

The production company Technology of Light  is a Russian manufacturer of LED equipment with a 6-year warranty and production time from 10 days. Our focus is professional LED equipment for architectural, artistic, industrial, street, landscape gardening and dynamic lighting.

An innovative approach to production and constant quality control, talent of employees, responsibility to consumers ensure the consistently high quality of Technology of Light products.
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