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3D models of RADUGA luminaires are added to the TOPOMATIK database

3D models of RADUGA™ luminaires are added to the Topomatic Robur - Engineering Networks database.
Topomatic Robur is a Russian software product for the design, construction and operation of transport infrastructure facilities. The wide capabilities of the Topomatic Robur software package allow it to be used in various fields of construction: for processing engineering survey materials, designing roads and railways, utility networks and artificial structures.
The programs like “Topomatic Robur” improve the quality of design, automate the approval process with customers and related specialists thanks to a more visual representation and in-depth elaboration of design solutions compared to classical design methods, and also opens up prospects for closer cooperation between design and construction organizations.
Using 3D models of RADUGA™ luminaires with all the characteristics and luminous flux indicators, the designers will be able to more accurately calculate illumination levels, clearly see the color temperature, direction of light, and size of the light spot. By moving luminaire models, it is possible to achieve the most effective choice of equipment and its placement, and calculate the quantity as accurately as possible.
The principles and capabilities of its work are available in the free educational version of the program. 

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