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An honest conversation about the problems of Russian lighting technology

Very soon, on April 13, the All-Russian Lighting Conference 2023 will be held at the Moscow Vega Izmailovo Congress Center. This annual event will bring together industry professionals for the third time to discuss the most pressing and complex issues and problems. Representatives of leading Russian and foreign lighting companies make presentations on a variety of topics: advanced technologies and experience in their implementation, changes in standards and regulations, professional education and training, standardization.

Our company will be represented at the conference by product manager Sergey Bulanov, who will talk about customizing RADUGA™ equipment for specific objects, requests of architects, designers, and architectural features using examples of completed projects. Come on, this is interesting!

The adaptation of luminaires and making design changes to the body of serial products, replacement of components at the request of the client, development of special accessories, non-standard fasteners - all these tasks are quickly solved by our designers and electronics engineers. There are many such examples in our portfolio. The more complex the task, the more enthusiastically the team gets down to business. The result is often new products or even entire lines of business. For example, our company has its own hardware and software complex - the RADUGA™ “Digital Urban Environment” automated control system. You will learn more about everything at the conference.

Venue: Izmailovskoe highway 71, 3B, metro station "Partizanskaya", congress center "Vega Izmailovo"

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