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The catalog of cardan rotating luminaires RADUGA™ for general and accent lighting of premises of the Russian production company "Technology of Light"



The production company «Technology of light» provides all lighting products for test operation at your facility for up to 1 month. This approach allows you to make sure of the quality of our products and the correctness of your choice.

Cardan luminaires

The cardan LED luminaires are ideal for commercial spaces where a combination of general and accent lighting is often required. A convenient rotating mechanism allows to rotate the light part in the horizontal and vertical plane, directing the light exactly to the right place and minimizing glare. The cardan structure is mounted flush with the ceiling surface, ensuring the most harmonious integration of the equipment into the interior. Due to its design features, this type of equipment can be used with most ceiling systems, as well as in rooms with sloping, vaulted, ribbed ceilings.

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