Russian production of led equipment
  • A brief history of lighting

Long ago, fire changed the world and the existence of people. Fire became the most important instrument of life: with its help they heated the dwelling, prepared food and, most importantly, protected themselves from animals. Much time passed, and man learned to work with fire and even create lighting devices.
The first light device can be called a torch. In the Middle Ages, it was attached to the walls of castles and various secret passages using special clamps. Candles became the next stage in the development of the light industry. At first they were made of wax, which in ancient times was expensive, and only the wealthy enjoyed the candle atmosphere. Combustible gases appeared due to the development of scientific activities and chemical discoveries. It is worth noting that the discovery of gas lighting had the effect of an exploding bomb and revolutionized science and technology. Gas burners are still in use today, with improvements of course.
A brief history of lighting
And so, in 1802, an event happened that laid the foundation for electricity - Vasily Petrov opened an electric arc. The discovery of electricity provided endless opportunities for inventors and for humanity in general.
Since the inception of the electric current and the lighting industry, engineers and scientists have tackled several basic questions: how to improve the efficiency of a luminaire and how to make it safe. Only with the help of LED equipment it was possible to answer these questions and solve many problems. As we recall from the previous article, LEDs began to be used as lighting devices only in the 21st century, although they were discovered back in the middle of the 20th century. And the reason for such an event was the narrow emission range of LEDs, which made it difficult to create a light source acceptable to the human eye.
Only in 2006, LED lamps began to rightfully be considered sources of light for all mankind, of course, after a lot of modifications and transformations. The main advantages of LEDs are reliability, environmental friendliness and economy. The high cost and, therefore, inaccessibility for a large number of consumers - only this fact was considered a disadvantage of LED equipment. But, now we are seeing a tendency to reduce the cost of LEDs and their availability.
We think there are even more discoveries in the lighting industry ahead that will provide people with reliable and most efficient fixtures.