Russian production of led equipment
  • Those who were ready to transform the business won

Journalists from one of the most popular electrical portals in Russia continue to ask questions to the heads and specialists of electrical engineering companies about how they operate in the market today and how they confront the challenges we all face. Today, representatives of the production company «RADUGA – Technology of Light» answered topical questions.
Electrical Engineering Market: How has the 2020 coronavirus pandemic affected the electrical engineering market as a whole? How have all these events changed the way your company operates?

Ilya Ezhatnov Commercial Director of the production company "RADUGA - Light Technology": Of course, 2020 was a difficult year for all of us. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated fundamental market changes. For the production company "RADUGA - Light Technology" 2020 has become a real litmus test. Yes, at first the situation was extraordinary, but thanks to the competently updated development strategy of the company in the spring of 2020, we were able to maintain the high growth rates, the professional team, and increase our competencies. And we were able to fulfill all our partnership obligations, which was our initial priority. It was not easy to get used to working remotely, but the whole team did a great job.
Those who were ready to transform the business won
Those who were ready to transform the business won
The pandemic, of course, has left its mark, everything is being rebuilt and adapting - from people to businesses. We have implemented many changes in business processes in the company, and they will continue after the pandemic. The overall difficult situation brought us together even more and allowed us to look at the business from a different and different angle, pushing us to move on.

Рынок Электротехники: Какие подотрасли электротехнического рынка лучше всего себя чувствуют в новых условиях? Какая продукция не теряет спроса или становится более востребованной?

Konstantin Litvinov, Sales Director of the production company «RADUGA – Technology of Light»: The pandemic has affected the lighting industry, becoming a test of the strength of companies. Those who were ready to transform their business under new conditions and those who, for example, could operate in the Just-in-Time mode, won. It can already be noted that there are all prerequisites for growth. The demand for outdoor and gardening equipment for lighting has increased significantly.
Electrical Engineering Market: What forecast for the situation in the electrical engineering market could you give for 2021?

Ilya Ezhatnov, commercial director of the production company «RADUGA – Technology of Light»: As for the overall situation, we are optimistic about the year, I think it will not be worse than the last one. If new challenges arise, we are ready for them.

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