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BIM models of RADUGA™ luminaires in nanoCAD

Computer-aided design systems (CAD) based on BIM technology allow to model electrical equipment systems, internal and external electrical lighting of industrial and civil facilities, and create 3D models with the ability to download 2D documentation.

The programs such as nanoCAD and Revit improve the quality of design, automate the approval process with customers and related specialists thanks to a more visual representation and in-depth elaboration of design solutions compared to classical design methods, and also opens up prospects for closer cooperation between design and construction organizations.

From January 1, 2022, BIM information modeling is mandatory when designing government procurement facilities. The only exceptions will be defense and security projects. Read more: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 03/05/2021 No. 331 “On establishing a case in which the developer, technical customer, person providing or preparing the feasibility study for investments, and (or) the person responsible for the operation of a capital construction project ensures the formation and maintenance of information model of a capital construction object.”

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