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COMBO: an efficient and reliable solution for industrial lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors affecting productivity and safety at production sites. Moreover, it is the third largest item of energy expenditure after industrial equipment and ventilation and air conditioning systems. Therefore, increased demands are placed on modern industrial luminaires in terms of light quality, energy efficiency and reliability.

The new industrial spotlight COMBO can be used for external and internal local lighting of industrial and warehouse complexes and other large areas. Thanks to its high luminous efficiency (up to 180 lm/W), it will be an excellent solution for lighting rooms with high ceilings from 5 to 12 meters - production workshops, tunnels, parking lots, transport interchanges, depots.

The impact-resistant anodized aluminum housing with protection class IP 67 is resistant to increased vibration and aggressive environments. Additional protection is provided by powder coating. The clever design of the housing with heat-dissipating fins provides heat dissipation to create optimal operating temperatures and maintain high-quality luminous flux characteristics throughout the stated service life.

The use of special optics and the absence of pulsation make it possible to create a comfortable working environment using the COMBO spotlight, which helps reduce fatigue and injuries. A convenient swivel bracket ensures precise focusing of the light flux on the work surface.

The luminaires can be equipped with a power source dimmable using 1-10 V or DALI protocols. Optionally, NEMA Socket 5PIN/7PIN can be installed. This allows you to create efficient lighting systems that are easily adaptable to any work task, as well as reduce operating and energy costs.

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