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FLEX NEON - a new look at the possibilities of light in space

We present a fundamentally new position in our catalog - flexible LED neon, also known as cold neon, neon cord, LED neon.

Flex Neon is a new look at the possibilities of light in space. A universal solution for indoor and outdoor functional and decorative lighting. The silicone base allows to create extra-long continuous lines connecting the surface of the ceiling, walls and floors for expressive lighting designs in a variety of styles. Fine and delicate lines create a soft and comfortable uniform glow, bright enough for signage, architectural and landscape lighting applications.

The undeniable advantages of this technology determine the wide range of applications of LED neon. The professional SMD tape with a density of up to 120 LEDs per meter ensures a uniform glow over the entire surface, bright enough for use in both signage and architectural and landscape lighting.

The minimum dimensions of the cutting segment from 11 mm ensure maximum accuracy of the created structures, which exactly repeat the shape of the illuminated object. The fire-resistant non-flammable silicone case, made by extrusion, is highly resistant to humidity, corrosion, UV rays, solutions of acids, salts and alkalis. The system of light-transmitting connectors and adapters facilitates installation, significantly reducing the time for project implementation. The service life is 36,000 hours.

Depending on the task, you can choose a flexible neon cord with different bending parameters. The base of the cord can only bend upward (Top series), to the sides (Side series), up and to the sides (3D series). In the Tube 360° series, the cord can be twisted and bent arbitrarily in all directions. This allows you to choose the optimal solution for almost any task, and also determines the popularity of cold neon in street and pop art - with its help you can create even the most complex luminous figures. See LED neon models in the catalog.

Read more about the history of technology, the advantages and capabilities of flexible neon in our article.

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