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Classics of the genre: linear LED luminaires

Linear luminaires are the most common solution for general lighting of office, retail and public spaces due to their versatility. They are easy to integrate into almost any interior. Painted to match the color of the ceiling or walls, they blend into the environment without distracting the eye. Or, on the contrary, you can draw attention to them by decorating the body or diffuser - this option is available upon request.

The luminaires of the AVIOR series and the recessed version of AVIOR IN can be installed in a continuous line without dark areas at the joints. The various types of mounting, surface-mounted or suspended, expand the possibilities of lighting design to create not only a comfortable, but also an expressive atmosphere.

Installed in passages, halls and corridors, the linear LED luminaires can serve as navigators.

The comfortable soft light, uniformity and contrast of the luminous flux, a pulsation coefficient of less than 1% will help create a more comfortable atmosphere in non-residential premises: classrooms and auditoriums, office conference rooms, hospital reception areas, public places.

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