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When shape matters

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design, capable of conveying mood, creating the necessary atmosphere, and influencing emotionally and aesthetically. At the same time, this is one of the ways to emphasize the style and architecture of the space, to combine individual elements into a single whole. And the shape of the luminaires plays a primary role in this sense.
The classic geometric shape of RADUGA™ ALTAIR-H luminaries with slightly convex lines will organically complement both a private home, an office, a boutique, or any other commercial space.

It is believed that the triangle expresses confidence and dynamism and fills the space with energy, so ALTAIR-H will be an excellent addition to the interior of the headquarters of a large company, bank, or car dealership.

The several standard sizes and two mounting options (suspended and overhead) allow to find the optimal solution for rooms of various sizes, configurations and purposes. The higher the ceiling height, the larger the size of the lamps that can be used - the typical size range includes models with side lengths from 300 to 1750 mm.

The one-piece body design has uniform illumination without pixelation or gaps in the corners. A high-quality diffuser provides comfortable soft lighting.

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