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New: Apex powerful LED spotlight

Apex-200 LED ground spotlight provides illumination of sculptures, decorative elements, fountains and installations in open spaces.

The luminaire is protected against ingress of dust and moisture, thanks to IP 67, and is intended for use in those areas where special requirements are imposed on reliability.

The temperature range (from –45 ° C to +55 ° C) allows the luminaire to work in different climatic conditions.

The sealed body of the LED spotlight is made of anodized aluminum. The protective coating of the housing is resistant to UV radiation and corrosion. The luminaire also consists of acrylic glass, which has good lightfastness and an excellent level of UV resistance, without requiring special protection. Ultraviolet light is not retained in the mass of the polymer and does not destructively affect its internal structure.

The main advantages of a street LED floodlight include a long service life (up to 60,000 hours) and low energy consumption.

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