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RADUGA is now a partner of AER

On September 28, 2020, a significant event occurred. The manufacturing company "Technology of Light" and the Association of Electrical Retail (AER), which includes 30 distributors of electrical retail, signed a partnership agreement.

Currently, the Association includes 46 companies, including 30 distributors and 16 manufacturers.

The Association of Electrical Retail (AER) was created to protect the interests of small businesses in the field of sales of electrical products from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers.

The production company "Technology of Light" is a Russian manufacturer of RADUGA LED equipment with a 6-year warranty and a production time of 10 days. The main focus is specialized equipment for architectural lighting of buildings and structures, industrial lighting of objects and territories, landscape lighting.

If your business requires a reliable permanent manufacturing partner of professional LED equipment, then the "Technology of Light" production company will be the best partner.

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