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Lighting solutions for the "Griliato" ceiling

"Griliato" ceilings are a popular solution in retail, public and office spaces. This is a simple and convenient way to create expressive interior design. By combining a cellular ceiling with lighting you can achieve a stunning effect.

The SALM series is specially designed for installation in "Griliato" type ceiling systems with different cell sizes (GL-15, GL-24). With their help, you can create various light patterns on the ceiling.

Painted exactly in the color of the cells (on request it is possible to paint in any color of the RAL palette), the lamps will harmoniously complement the ceiling system, ensuring the unity of the style solution. The one-piece body design has uniform illumination without pixelation or gaps in the corners.

The luminaires are supplied in sets of 6 pieces connected to one driver, which greatly simplifies installation. The size range includes models with sides from 71 to 190 mm.

See the gallery for examples of creating light patterns in "Griliato" type ceilings.

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