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Completed project: Administration of Kovdor

The lighting of an office building located in the central part of the city has an impact on the tourist approach, personal comfort, mood, productivity and even people's health. Such an important and complex task was entrusted to the lighting engineering company «Prosvet». The lighting designers focused not only on the aesthetics of the building, but also on safety, the process of creating a special atmosphere near the administration.
In accordance with this, it was decided to use LED lamps of the professional manufacturer of lighting equipment – the company «RADUGA – Technology of Light», which are the most energy efficient, consuming several times less electricity in comparison with traditional lighting sources. For accentuated vertical lighting, powerful Signum-9 LED floodlights were chosen.
The head of the administration of the Kovdorsky district, Sergei Borisovich Somov, thanked everyone involved in the building lighting project for their great contribution to the development of the city and improving the appearance of the administration building.

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