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Completed project: Transport interchange

The lighting company «Height 31» faced difficult tasks – to emphasize its architectural features and create conditions for safe traffic. For high-quality and reliable equipment, the lighting company «Height 31» turned to the Russian manufacturer of professional lighting equipment – the company RADUGA – Technology of Light ".

To illuminate the traffic intersection, RAD-L-Mu-12 linear luminaires were used to create accent lighting and improve road visibility. To illuminate multi-level transport interchanges, it is more rational to use one mast with a floodlight unit than several lighting poles. It will create large-scale general flood lighting for all the necessary areas. Therefore, this project included LED floodlights RAD-S-CIS-18.
Such objects are very important for the life of the city, and the organization of their lighting is one of the first measures to ensure the efficiency and safety of traffic. «Low bow to the builders. Everything is done professionally. The city will continue to develop», said Belgorod Mayor Yuri Galdun.

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