Insolita L

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Technical details


Wall mounted

Power consumption

72 W

Supply voltage

24-48V DC, 230V АC

Luminous efficiency

(±10 lm/W) - 120 lm/W

Range of temperatures

-45 °С ... +55 °С


1000×145×75 mm


4,4 kg

Control system


Case material

Al anodized + tempered glass

Scattering angle RGB

6°, 10°, 17°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 15*55°

Scattering angle RGBW

17°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 10*65°, 15*55°

Number and type of LEDs


Glow color

2700К-6500К, RGBW

Protection Marking



Passport RAD-L-InL-72+.pdf


Insolita L 3D I IES.zip


Insolita M

1000x92х75 mm

36 W

Insolita S

1000×65×51 mm

18 W

Insolita XS

1000x29x50 mm

12 Вт

Linear profile Insolita L is designed to create contour and flood illumination of facades.
The body of the linear architectural luminaire Insolita L is made of anodized aluminum, resistant to corrosion. It has a degree of protection IP67, thanks to which the luminaire is reliably protected from the penetration of dust particles and moisture. The temperature range (–55 ° C to +55 ° C) allows the luminaire to work in all climatic conditions.
The equipment uses lenses from Ledil, Ledlink, Ilenstech, which allows you to direct light at a large number of angles from 15 ° to 10 * 70 ° for better illumination of an architectural object.
The color temperature range is from 2700K to 6000K. The linear luminaire has a high luminous efficacy of 140 lm / W, and their service life is over 50,000 hours. The voltage used is 24 and 48 V.
The device is being controlled by the DMX512 protocol, which allows to create interesting dynamic lighting and bring any ideas to life.


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