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City Administration of Kovdor

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Until recently, Kovdor was little known outside the Polar region. But today the name of this city is increasingly heard in a new context - as the “capital of Hyperborea”. This is the legendary continent from ancient Greek myths, inhabited by enlightened giants who achieved great success in science and art.

The lighting of the administrative building, located in the central part of the city, emphasizes the new status of the city administration and draws attention to the building, highlighting it favorably against the background of the general urban development.

When creating architectural and artistic lighting, it was necessary to obtain maximum light output from the equipment with minimal energy consumption. The Signum facade spotlight used in the project meets these requirements. With a power of 9 W, it produces a luminous flux of 990 lm. A sophisticated optical system and precise calculation of the location of LED modules ensure uniformity of the luminous flux and preservation of its quality characteristics throughout its entire service life. A convenient mounting bracket with a rotation angle of more than 180⁰ allows to focus the light beam as accurately as possible, avoiding stray light.
The head of the administration of the Kovdorsky district, Sergei Borisovich Somov, thanked everyone involved in the building lighting project for their great contribution to the development of the city and improving the appearance of the administration building.
City Administration of Kovdor City Administration of Kovdor City Administration of Kovdor

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