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Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center

We are constantly expanding our product range so that with the help of RADUGA™ luminaires our customers and partners can find a solution to even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

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Every season, the "BoscoVesna" shopping center on Novy Arbat updates its interior in accordance with new collections. This year, the facade graphics were complemented by bright, truly spring-like dynamic lighting with linear RADUGA luminaires in the branded colors of the shopping center.

“Brightness, freedom of self-expression, bold solutions in familiar images - this spring designers invite us to try something fundamentally new, while emphasizing our individuality,” BoscoVesna press release presents the new collection. Why not pair it with a neon pair of Jimmy Choo or an ultra-fashionable dress with a scattering of sequins and bright front lighting in signature colors?

The architectural solution for facade lighting was developed by the "WOWHOUSE" design bureau, known for its work on the improvement of public spaces - embankments and the largest parks of the capital, and cooperation with cultural and educational objects.

In accordance with the project, the linear luminaires are installed below and above along the decorative facade. For the bottom row, Stria models with increased power of 46 W per meter with oval optics were manufactured specifically for the project. Since the equipment is in the visibility zone of passers-by, the luminaires were equipped with protective curtains to prevent glare. At the top level, miniature Lumen-12 rulers are used.

The direction of the light flux is thought out in such a way as to focus attention on the complex design of the facade and at the same time not to illuminate advertising screens. Smooth change of colors, soft transitions of gradient shades from rich to delicate pastels - programmed in the same style of digital façade, reflecting the "BoscoVesna" concept.

“The new facade of "BoscoVesna" is an exact reflection of our world, when nothing stands still, everything is constantly changing, rapidly developing and, of course, going digital. The installation of a new facade is another step towards big changes coming in the near future,” says a press release from the shopping center.

The project was implemented jointly with "Condor" LLC.
Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center Digital Lighting of the "BoscoVesna" Shopping Center

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