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In the resort town of Kislovodsk, the construction of the Barcello club house has been completed. The architecture of the residential complex is stylistically reminiscent of the historical buildings of New York.
Barcello building was built in a calm and well-maintained microdistrict of Kislovodsk, in a resort town with the best ecology, a reproduction of the Kislovodsky National Park. The appearance of the residential complex continues the tradition of iconic New York houses: the lines of the facades with decorative elements in the neoclassical style. Architectural lighting highlight the uniqueness of this complex at night. Signum-18 LED spotlights and Lumen U-12 linear fixtures were used to create an original lighting design.
The project used Lumen U-12 luminaires designed for architectural lighting, which helped not only provide flood lighting to the building, but also emphasize the style of the building. This luminaire has an RGBW (DMX512) design to create dynamic lighting.

In order to obtain the most uniform illumination of the contour, Signum-18 LED spotlights were used, which provides flood illumination of the facade. The lamp will be able to provide an even stream of light of any temperature. The color temperature range of this LED spotlight is 3000K to 6000K.
The spotlight has a degree of protection IP67, thanks to which the luminaire is reliably protected from the penetration of dust particles and moisture. The temperature range (from –45 ° C to +55 ° C) allows the luminaire to work in all climatic conditions. The anti-glare grille allows you to accentuate the light flux at the desired point and eliminates the possibility of glare from entering the eyes.
Future tenants are already preparing to move into a new home:
- We are very glad that we will live in such a beautiful and comfortable house. The territory is large - this is a good advantage, especially the yard without cars. The courtyards are comfortable, you can let your child go for a walk and be sure of safety.

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