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For any modern shopping center, facade lighting is one of the main tools in the battle for the client. Facade lighting helps the object find a unique image that is fixed in the memory of a person. The architectural and artistic lighting on the shopping building motivates to pay attention, go inside, have fun, and most importantly – buy.
Illumination of the Mozhaisky Dvor shopping center was implemented using RADUGA equipment in 2019. Previously, the center operated without illumination and was significantly inferior to its competitor - another shopping mall, located nearby, but decorated at the same time brightly and cool. The lighting design for Mozhaisky Dvor should not be less expressive. That's what is curious. «Mozhaisky Dvor» is located at the exit from the Mozhaisk highway, and it was necessary to implement the illumination so that it did not interfere with motorists and did not harm the movement of the car. And at the same time, the task is to make it attractive and selling. It must be viewed from afar in order to attract the eyes of people. The order for the production of equipment was large. The total area of ​​the building is 67,044 m2 (4 floors and a basement level). The building has a simple rectangular shape with separate façade cells. It was decided to make a highlight along the entire contour. The idea is to emphasize the geometry of the building. To implement the idea, about 4.5 thousand RAD-P-M-1.44 pixels were mounted on the object. And in addition to them, RAD-T-Cu-12 linear contour luminaires were chosen, which are installed on the facade. By the way, the facade of the shopping center is light. Therefore, during the day, the backlight should remain invisible. How did you achieve this? Each pixel line is mounted in profile, painted exactly in the color of the facade. If you look at a building during the day, not knowing that lighting equipment is installed here, then you will not even notice it. What else was interesting on the project? Before the implementation of illumination, a media screen was installed on the building of Mozhaisky Dvor. Accordingly, the backlight had to be designed so that it looked as harmonious as possible with this screen. And pixels are perfect for solving this problem. The desired step and some colored content were selected. Serious commissioning works have been carried out. As a result, on the facade of the building, you can observe a variety of light patterns, flickering and play. In a word, the customer's wishes for the illumination to look invisible during the day and spectacularly at night have been fulfilled. The idea of ​​lighting a shopping center is implemented using RADUGA equipment. At night, we got a bright, juicy, dynamic light picture that looks impressive and stylish.