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Interesting lighting solutions can be found not only in large cities, where it is already difficult to imagine a city without bright night illumination in all kinds of variations. So in 2014, we took our lamps to the city of Rzhev to take part in one small but important event for the city.

The cinema «October», which is now the entertainment complex «October», is well known to all residents and guests of the city. The building itself is located in the central part of the city on Sovetskaya Square and was built after the Great Patriotic War, in 1959. Unfortunately, most of the city's architectural heritage has long been in poor condition. And only in the last five years can we consider that the case has somehow moved off dead center.

In 2014, the October building, which had been in disrepair for ten years, was rebuilt thanks to the efforts of local entrepreneurs. After quite a long period of time, the cinema was revived and began to function again for residents. A landmark object for Rzhev and the only entertainment complex at that time could not be left without a decent lighting design.

The owner of the complex turned to the design organization, wishing to give the historical building a new life and, of course, increase its attendance by the townspeople. The design organization, in turn, chose the concept of dynamic lighting and our equipment, which was the best fit for implementation. The wall of the first floor and the space between the columns were chosen for the illumination. RAD-L-Pro-40 linear luminaires were installed along the entire length of the wall. Thanks to the settings of the controller system, the light can sparkle, flicker, and also make a «wave effect» RAD-W-CuL-40 floodlights were installed on the smooth side facades under the roof, and the spaces between the columns of the first and second floors were illuminated with RAD-W-CcL-40 floodlights.

Thanks to the light, the space immediately came to life, and the inhabitants of the city took a different look at the already familiar building. The use of dynamic lighting is not as popular as static lighting, but thanks to this, the building immediately gets its original look. More often they want to photograph him, take a picture as a souvenir, and look inside, of course.


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