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Shopping Center "Sevastopol"

We are constantly expanding our product range so that with the help of RADUGA™ luminaires our customers and partners can find a solution to even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

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Shopping Center

The Sevastopol shopping center in Saransk, according to its owner, is “the only universal shopping center within walking distance for residents of the Yubileiny-2, Yubileiny-4 and Yubileiny-5 microdistricts". The shopping center has a favorable location and good transport accessibility, which ensures a constant influx of customers. The official opening of the shopping center took place in 2018. And in 2017, during facade work, facade lighting was implemented using RADUGA TM equipment. This project is a good example of a property owner’s competent approach to façade design work. When it comes to lighting and the facade is already “sewn up”, then you have to come up with the location of the equipment already on top of what is installed. The facade manufacturers are sometimes indignant because they have to violate the integrity of the cladding. But in this case, all installation work was foreseen in advance. Together with the design organization GRADAS, a company engaged in the production of unique facade solutions, a concept was developed in which RADUGA lighting equipment - LED modules (pixels) - was integrated directly into the facade itself, thanks to which all communications are hidden under the facade. This solution is also economical, since both the facade and the lighting design were installed simultaneously. For the lighting design, PIXEL v1 LED pixels were used, which were perfectly suited for implementing dynamic lighting, as the customer wanted. The built-in lighting with the ability to change brightness, glow color and various lighting effects gave the building an original appearance.
Shopping Center "Sevastopol" Shopping Center "Sevastopol"

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