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Central Market on Maroseyka

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Known for its scandalous transformations, house No. 4 on Maroseyka has finally acquired its finished form after many vicissitudes with the reconstruction, which raised a storm among Moscow experts and supporters of the preservation of the capital's original architecture.

The facade lighting was the final chord in the story of an unsuccessful attempt by the owners to turn the facade of a 19th century building into an imitation of the “Prussian wall". After the intervention of the Moscow Architectural Council, the “cheerful” cladding was dismantled. And although the original appearance of the cultural heritage site was not returned, now it stands out less from the general style.

The new gastromarket, located in a historical building, has already gained fame as a stylish space with a special atmosphere, and the facade lighting perfectly matches this image.

For the project, the facade RGBW spotlights Signum-18 with secondary optics of 17 and 60⁰ and specially made brackets of increased length of 150 mm were supplied to direct the light flux at the desired angle to the illuminated surface. The result is uniform illumination of the texture,
The brickwork of the facade looks equally impressive in both white and colored light, drawing attention to this atmospheric place.

The project was developed by " Lighting Design Studio and implemented jointly with "PROSVET PROJECT".
Central Market on Maroseyka Central Market on Maroseyka Central Market on Maroseyka Central Market on Maroseyka Central Market on Maroseyka

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