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Verkhnyaya Torgovaya Residence

We are constantly expanding our product range so that with the help of RADUGA™ luminaires our customers and partners can find a solution to even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

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Premium apartments

The problem was that, despite its prime location, the apartment was not popular enough. It was necessary to win the trust of buyers and tenants. Then it was decided to decorate the apartment with modern LED dynamic lighting on the facade.
The design organization selected our LED modules (pixels) from RADUGA - RAD-P-M-1.44 as equipment. The pixels were arranged in vertical lines along the entire facade. In total, about 10,000 LED pixels were used to give the building a bright and unique look.
Using a special system of fastening to the facade, developed by the design company, the building was not damaged and the facade retained its aesthetic appearance even in daylight. At night, a variety of light installations unfold on the facade of the building, with changing colors of illumination, overflows, flickers and more. The work carried out has borne fruit – interest in the apartments has increased among residents and guests of Ufa. At the launch of the lighting, a real light show was arranged and now «Verkhnyaya Torgovaya Residence» is one of the city's business cards.

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