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Castle «Ragnit»

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Lighting the castle from the ground

In the Kaliningrad region, the largest restoration work in the history of the city of Neman is underway on a cultural heritage site of regional significance - the Ragnit order fortress. Even in its dilapidated state, the castle, which is 487 years older than the United States of America, retains its majesty and remnants of its former strength. The modern lighting breathed new life into this unique object.

The complex task of illuminating the territory of the ancient castle was entrusted to the first lighting design laboratory by Drynkin and Goz ("King Wind" company). Taking into account the significance of the architectural monument for the region, its design features and the value of the surrounding landscape, a number of serious requirements were placed on the lighting company. It was necessary to develop the most effective solution for architectural lighting, which would not in any way disturb the façade of the order's fortress.

The design laboratory developed a design solution for illuminating the object from the ground, using professional ground luminaires. Due to the complexity of the project being implemented and the special requirements for lighting equipment, the first design laboratory Drynkin and Goz selected ground-based architectural luminaires InTerra RADUGA TM on a competitive basis.

The InTerra ground luminaires are an effective and reliable solution designed to work in difficult conditions. The anodized aluminum body is protected from corrosion, the mounting cup is made of frost-resistant polymer, tempered clear glass, and vandal-resistant design. The color temperature of 3000 K is ideally matched to the texture of the old stone. The luminaires are arranged in such a way as to show through the volume the massiveness of the masonry and the monumentality of the structure.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov in his annual report thanked everyone involved in the restoration of the castle and noted that “any restored monument is an opportunity to increase tourist flow and implement business projects not related to tourism.”
Castle «Ragnit»

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