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Residential Complex "Olympus"

We are constantly expanding our product range so that with the help of RADUGA™ luminaires our customers and partners can find a solution to even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

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The residential complex "Olympus" is a modern residential complex in Penza. The developer, the development company "Risan", which is among the TOP 3 developers in the country in terms of consumer qualities according to the SDR 2021 version, pays great attention to the lighting of its facilities:

“Thanks to thoughtful lighting, our projects are just as cozy in the evening as during the day. At the same time, the light does not interfere and does not in any way affect the comfort of residents. We install lighting elements not only near paths and entrances, but also next to small architectural forms - gazebos, benches, so that residents can see them in the dark.”

The RADUGA™ architectural luminaires and equipment were used in the architectural and artistic lighting of the Olympus residential complex. The SOLIS linear luminaire, specially designed for contour lighting, produces a continuous line of light without pixelation.

The LUMEN linear luminaires for flood lighting are installed in the lower part of the buildings. With the help of adjustable brackets, the light flux is directed as accurately as possible, eliminating light from entering the windows.

The bidirectional QUATRA DUO spotlights with a narrow 12⁰ beam highlight individual architectural elements of buildings, giving façade lighting integrity and volume.

The "Olympus" residential complex became a finalist for the Urban Awards in the category “Best regional residential complex under construction” in 2019.

The architectural lighting project was developed and implemented by "Energo-Holding" Group of Companies. Photo by "Energo-Holding" Group of Companies, "Risan" Insurance Company.
Residential Complex "Olympus" Residential Complex "Olympus"

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