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Architectural facade spotlight for flood lighting

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STELLA series

The STELLA RADUGA™ range of spotlights combines striking design and light quality with efficiency and reliability. The original design of the Stella spotlight embodies modern trends in industrial design, combining aesthetic form with high-quality lighting standards.

The compact dimensions, a variety of models, and a wide selection of secondary optics allow for solutions to be tailored for architectural lighting designs of any complexity. Whether for flood or accent lighting, creating light patterns and dynamic displays, covering the full spectrum of colors with RGB/RGBW models, or smoothly adjusting the color temperature from 2700K to 6500K using customizable white LEDs.

A notable feature of the spotlight's design is the grid form-factor, which provides additional heat dissipation from the LED modules to maintain the quality of the light output throughout its service life. The driver is separated from the main unit, which also positively affects the LED's lifespan.

The STELLA RADUGA™ luminaire was awarded the "Golden Photon" prize in the "Product of the Year" category in 2021.

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