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Distillery plant

Most of the plants and factories are now being moved outside the city limits, but their former buildings are not empty. They are actively being converted and used for business centers, trading platforms and other things. This is not surprising. Such objects, as a rule, not only have a favorable location, but also a memorable appearance.

In Vladimir there is a building of a former distillery, built before the revolution, in 1901. This is the first and largest plant in the city and a real monument of industrial architecture of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. The building is made of red brick, close to the rational style, without any additional decoration.

The object was in unsatisfactory condition for a long time. In 2015, the building became the property of the Federal Treasury for the Vladimir Region, which purchased it for a backup data center.

At the same time, work began on the reconstruction of the plant and the design of the area around it. The brick facade was completely restored, and it was decided to complement it with suitable LED lighting.

Selecting lighting for old architectural buildings is always interesting. This is a real work of art. But at the same time, there is a double responsibility - lighting should not take on unnecessary attention and harm the overall appearance of the building. Also, the facade should not be damaged.

We, as a manufacturer, were very pleased that RADUGA equipment was chosen to illuminate one of the iconic buildings of Vladimir. To illuminate the plant, it was decided to use accent lighting using our bidirectional LED luminaires RAD-S-Tw-2*9 and RAD-S-Tw-2*18. They are located throughout the facade and illuminate the details of the building with an even white light. The accent lighting perfectly emphasized the shape and style of the old building.

The entire cycle of restoration work was completed in 2016 and the updated plant building was presented to the city. Now one of the oldest enterprises in Russia has a worthy design and has become one of the decorations of Vladimir at night.

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