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Shopping Center "SPAR"

We are constantly expanding our product range so that with the help of RADUGA™ luminaires our customers and partners can find a solution to even the most complex and non-standard tasks.

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Shopping mall lighting

The architectural lighting of the facade of a shopping center building is a complex and creative job. The lighting company "Factory of Light" had to achieve an advantageous difference from its competitors and create a bright image against the background of the area using lighting.

Understanding all the features of working with architectural lighting of shopping center facades and relying on many years of experience, qualified "Light Factory" specialists created a spectacular lighting atmosphere for the "SPAR" shopping facility. The professional lighting not only attracts numerous visitors, but also creates a harmonious picture of the shopping complex, with the help of which you can increase the status of square meters to the premium segment.

For facade lighting, 76 Duplex 2*9 and Duplex 2*18 spotlights, as well as 4 Signum-18 architectural spotlights, were selected and produced. The LED spotlights Duplex 2*9 and Duplex 2*18 are made of lightweight anodized aluminum and durable tempered glass. The tight sealing of the power supply prevents the ingress of moisture and dust, which gives the spotlight a high level of dust and moisture protection IP67.

The temperature range (from –45 °C to +55 °C) allows the luminaires to operate in any climatic conditions. The anti-glare grille allows to focus the light flux at the desired point and eliminates the possibility of glare getting into your eyes. The lighting project also included high-power Signum-18 architectural spotlights. The spotlights have a degree of protection IP67, thanks to which the luminaires are reliably protected from the penetration of dust particles and moisture.
Shopping Center "SPAR" Shopping Center "SPAR" Shopping Center "SPAR"

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